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N1449 Joe Nevin

For 42 years now I have been breeding birds, my first time out I bought 3 pairs and never bred a chick, until I knew a man who was getting out of the hobby so I bought his avairy.

To get were I am today takes a lot of hard work and never give up because if you persist it does have it's rewards.

Keeping your birds fit and healthy is very important so I treat my birds once a week with Ducolvit available from most pet stores, it give them stamina and keeps the nasties away.

BS1 Terry Knott

For the last 40 years I have been in the hobby. I believe 75% luck and 25% knowledge come into play, it just takes 1 bird.

Opalines are a must in my stud as they bring in good markings to my birds. Persistence and patients is key never give up.

When breeding I always put the cock down a week before the hen that way he will be dominant and brings results quicker.