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Budgie Show Cages for Sales: Contact 085 788 9701
Darragh Frawley has 5 pairs of birds to sell all 2014 rung, may suite a beginner.

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Lutino & Albino Budgerigars wanted 2014/15 Contact: 086 686 0537

Committee 2015

The 2015 Committee elected at Kilnamanagh Community Hall, Dublin, were elected as follows.


Mick Moran


Adrian Mc Cormack

Hon. Secretary

Darragh Frawley

Hon. Treasurer

Stuart Ferguson

Other Committee Members

David Stamps Robbie Lawlor Terry Knott Tommy Burke

Show Manager

Tommy Burke.

Show Secretary

Terry Knott

P.R.O. for  2015

Robbie Lawlor

Judges Panel

Adrian McCormack Tommy Burke Mark Rodgers Terry Knott Bill Searle.

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Chairman: Adrian Mc Cormack Tel: 0872530522

Hon. Secretary: Darragh Frawley Tel: 0863552478

Name: Hon. Treasurer Stuart Ferguson Tel: 0866860537


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Show Results

1st in 1st Show Robbie Lawlor with President Mick Moran

1st in 1st Show Robbie Lawlor with President Mick Moran

2nd & 3rd in 1st Show Tommy Burke with President Mick Moran

2nd & 3rd in 1st Show Tommy Burke with President Mick Moran

1st in Show

1st in Show

2nd in Show

2nd in Show

3rd in Show

3rd in Show

Darragh 1st in 2nd Nest Feather Show, Bird Below

Darragh 1st in 2nd Nest Feather Show, Bird Below

Darragh Winning Bird
Terry 2nd in 2nd Nest Feather Show

Terry 2nd in 2nd Nest Feather Show

Robert 3rd in 2nd Nest Feather Show

Robert 3rd in 2nd Nest Feather Show

3rd in Show

3rd in Show

Robbie Lawlor - 1st in Final Nest Feather Show

Robbie Lawlor - 1st in Final Nest Feather Show

2nd Knott & Searle - Final Nest Feather Show

2nd Knott & Searle - Final Nest Feather Show

3rd Knott & Searle - Final Nest Feather Show

3rd Knott & Searle - Final Nest Feather Show

Robbie Lawlor winner of final Nest Feather Show and Terry Knott winner of overall Nest Feather Shows being congratulated by President Michael Moran

Robbie Lawlor winner of final Nest Feather Show and Terry Knott winner of overall Nest Feather Shows being congratulated by President Michael Moran


Breeder’s Profile

by Joe Nevin
When I was 26 years of age I was working in Telecom Eireann. One rainy day I was working in the Wicklow mountains. Myself and a workmate called Tom got talking about wild birds and plants. I decided to build a cage and get a pair of Zebra finches. Later on I also got two pairs of Bengalese Finches after increasing the cages to 10ft by 2 ft. Over the next year I bred about 50 birds. I was at the pet shop one day and seen some budgerigars. As we say in the hobby I became hooked and I decided to give up the finches. My first venture into budgies was to visit an aviary in Rush owned by Mr. Donovan and I bought three pairs of budgies. I divided the cages into three, but over the next six months the birds didn't go into the nest boxes. The reason, I now know, I was living in an apartment and the conditions were not great. Over the next couple of months I got rid of the budgies. I then went to England and purchased three pairs of Cutthroat finches. I put them in the three cages I had built. The three pairs, all had young but let them die. I realized I was not giving them the right diet. While this was going on I bought a site from Dun Laoghaire Corporation and built a new house. Early the following year I had my first aviary built. The size was 26 ft by 6 ft and the flights were 20 ft by 20 ft containing a water pond and shrubs. I got a lot of native birds and foreign finches, but at the back of my mind were show budgies. I released all the native finches and one evening as I was reading the paper I read this add. It was a stud of show budgies for sale in Malahide, it belonged to Paddy Hughes. I went out the next evening and bought the lot. I put down six pairs and bred three chicks. One of the birds was a light green pied hen, a lovely bird but the ring on its foot was too tight. I decided to take a day’s holiday to take the ring off. Bought a hack saw and spent a number of hours getting the ring off (If it was today I would have it off in five seconds.). The three birds I bred were only for the pet shop. My first bird show was the South County Dublin Bird Show. It was held for many years in Dun Laoghaire Town Hall. The man who won that day was Matt Roberts from the Navan Road. I introduced myself and asked him had he any birds for sale. Matt said I could have two pairs of budgies for £60, a lot of money at the time 40 years ago). Off I went to visit Matt's aviary and saw the best birds I had ever seen. I bought a light green cock, an opaline grey hen, a cinamon light green cock and grey green hen. I paired the light green cock to the grey hen and the other two together. Then I joined the Eire Budgerigar Society and that was my venture into Show Budgies. The following year the E. B. S. held their show in the Polio Fellowship of Ireland at Stillorgan, Co Dublin. I brought two of the chicks I bred from the grey green hen. They were a grey green cock and a grey green hen. The grey green cock won the Best Beginner Breeder and the grey green hen won Best Opposite Sex Breeder. That same day Harry Harrison introduced himself to me and we have remained friends ever since. I then started to make inquiries about getting some English Stock, but was unable to get information as it was a closed shop. I went to England as a beginner and "Boy, was I taken to the cleaners!" I got to know a man in Blackpool named Ron Easter and I got some birds from him which I was happy with. The following year Harry Dixon, Brian Kelly (a great expert of birds, but is no longer in the hobby), John Berkeley, who since has emigrated to Australia, and myself. Harry Dixon bred a grey out of Ron's birds and the following year Harry won Best Champion Breeder at Dublin B. S. Club Show (this Club has since disappeared). I then stepped into Novice. Harry Harrison and myself had right battles, but we have always had great respect for each other whoever won "Harry, when are you returning for more battles?" Then I went onto Intermediate Class. Harry bred a Lutino hen which in my opinion was unlucky not to take Best Breeder at the B.S. Show. Harry won Best Intermediate, Best Intermediate Breeder and Best Opposite Sex Breeder. The first E.B.S. member to win and we were delighted for him. Then I went on to Champion Breeder Section and I am very happy with what I have achieved. At the time I was after a Opaline grey that was wining a lot in England. I got it after two years, I was over the moon, when three weeks later the bird died. That's the Hobby! The E.B.S. tried to have an event on in Ireland and it was going very well at the time when the troubles in Northern Ireland got very bad and it fizzled out. We then got members from North and South of Ireland to try and have a show for all fanciers and it went well for about four years, and that also fizzled out, a great loss. A tip to all fanciers: When you accept losing you enjoy your win much better. At the same time an Englishman named Eddie Robinson came on the scene. Unfortunately, through ill health Eddie had to give up the Hobby and without doubt Eddie would have been one of the best breeders in the British Isles. I have enjoyed many years of competition and friendship with Eddie. Up until this day Eddie would still phone and come and visit my aviary and is as interested as ever and I look forward to Eddie's visits and enjoy his company very much. Terry Knott I would call my number one fancier. Terry has always filled every show cage he has to support the Eire B. S. Annual Show. When I became champion I started going to England more often. Firstly to Amos Thurnwood, Arthur Bracey, Terry and Claire Pilington, Gordon and Sylvia Hallan, then Barry Wild, Gerald Binks and Brian Byles who has become one of my best friends. There are highs and lows in all hobbies. For me the lowest was when I paid big money for birds which died shortly after returning home. The highest was when I won Best Spangle Breeder in 1992 at the B. S. Club Show, Best Breeder 1993 and of course Best in Show at Blackpool 1996. . These days I enjoy the hobby as much as ever, but there is always room for improvement. 1. There should be a show for all fanciers North and South, e.g. Irish Budgerigar Union Show. 2. There should be an annual diner for club members and presentation of awards. 3. There should be a show for new member only. 4. Beginners should take on Intermediate Champion on a points basis. In more recent years a lot of my stock comes from Alan, Chris from the Huxley Marchant Stud and also from Richard Wayne John Bowker Stud. I am very satisfied with the chicks from these studs. The Exhibition Budgerigar Socirty Ireland was set up by a group of Exhibition Budgerigar Breeders and is going from strength to strength. A number of months ago RTE invited Terry Knott and myself to give a talk on Exhibition Budgerigars, the name of the programme was Pet Island. The highlight for me is to compete at B.S. World Show every year held at Doncaster. This will be my 30th year visiting the show. (a treat for all Budgerigar Fanciers) and also 2011 when I was invited to judge B.S. World Show at Doncaster. It is a wonderful hobby of which myself and my wife Bernie have made many friends over the years. One thing I also feel very strongly about is the encouragement of beginners. Any newcomers are more than welcome to contact me at home or by phone at the number given. As I have now retired I have more time to assist anybody that is considering taking up this hobby. I would like to thank my wife Bernie and my family who have supported me over the years. Joe Nevin
Frawley & Flynn (FF1) - Darragh Frawley & Brian Flynn.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The Frawley & Flynn Partnership was formed in Germany on a trip to a well known German breeder. When we arrived home we started actively working together to mix our lines and work as one. Brian had some fantastic blue series birds that always took preference in Brian's eye, his birds had better feather qualities and overall size and I had certain head features, depth of mask and spot that we both thought would complement each others birds with the end goal of bringing both birdrooms forward and gain consistency throughout both birdroom's.

As an Intermediate partnership we had our reasonable share of wins on the show bench. But the highlight was in the open show of 2014 which was by far the highlight of the formation of the partnership.

Sadly Brian was not with us for the highlight of our partnership but "FF1" will continue as Brian wanted!

Thank You for reading my profile.
Darragh Frawley
Well 2015 is upon us and breeding season is in full swing, and the show season is about to start. This season is special for me because its a move into novice on the show bench for me and a challenge to come up to the the high standard of fellow novices. The standard of the show bird today is very high and ever changing, I would like to share some December late breds 2015 youngsters. Robbie Lawlor.
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Upcoming Show & Social Events

Saturday 23rd May, Nest Feather Show & Sales Day, Judge Joe Nevin at St. Colmcille's GFC, Swords, Co. Dublin
Directions from Dublin Airport to ST. COLMCILLE'S GFC, Hollybanks, Glen Ellen Road, Swords, Co. Dublin
North bound on the M1
4.9 km At junction 4, take the R132 exit to Skerries/Rush/Donabate
450 m Keep left at the fork and merge onto R132
1.4 km At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto R125
400 m Turn right onto Balheary Rd
400 m Turn left
89 m Turn left
9 m ST. COLMCILLE'S GFC, Hollybanks, Glen Ellen Road, Swords, Co. Dublin

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Club Show Saturday 4th July 2015 Judge Sammy Adams NI

Annual Show Saturday 5th September 2015